The study of Montessori pedagogy and child development as well as an interdisciplinary approach to the study of human beings, their endeavours and relationship with the universe for children from six to twelve years.

Cosmic Education is a way of seeing the whole universe and everything in it. This approach recognises all aspects of the universe as interrelated and is the method we use for conveying this vision to children. Our hope for the child is that, as a result, they will not only be well educated, but see themselves as a living aspect of creation, prepared to take their place in society.

“Cosmic Education is related to the development of human beings, not just a new educational method, or a new technique of teaching subjects in a syllabus. Cosmic Education is a form of relating children to the universe, its furnishings, and humanity, so that they are able to understand the law and order underlying their existence and to realise in themselves all the developing potential that is their birthright.” Dr Maria Montessori