Montessori Education for Social Change

AMI strives to promote the rights of the child throughout the world, irrespective of race, religion, political and social beliefs, in cooperation with other bodies and organisations that further the development of education, human rights, and peace. The vision is to support educational initiatives through mentorship, resources, and/or funding, focussing on sustainability, expansion, and replication of successful projects. When Montessori principles are applied in the wider context of society, their possibilities are vast and all encompassing.

The Montessori approach offers a broad vision of education as an aid to life. It is designed to help children with their task of inner construction as they grow from childhood to maturity. It succeeds because it draws its principles from the natural development of the child. Its flexibility provides a matrix within which each individual child’s inner directives freely guide the child toward wholesome growth. Montessori pedagogical principles are rooted in a social movement that champions the cause of all children, in all strata of society, of all races and ethnic backgrounds, within and beyond educational institutions. Montessorians serve as advocates for all children – championing the rights of the child in society.

Parent Resources - Aid to Life
The Aid to Life initiative aims to make information about supporting children’s development freely available to all parents in a form that is easy to understand and simple to apply. A series of leaflets, booklets and DVDs have been created based on the Aid to Life initiative. These offer a useful resource for parents and anyone wishing to run parent support groups. Visit aidtolife.org

Educateurs sans Frontières
The mission of Educateurs sans Frontières (EsF), a division of AMI, is to work with individuals, families, communities, organisations and governments to further the rights, education, and welfare of children worldwide. EsF is committed to transcending borders in order to serve children through innovative educational initiatives using Montessori principles and practices. EsF functions as a social movement that strives to promote the rights of the child throughout the world, irrespective of race, religion, political and social beliefs, in cooperation with other bodies and organisations that further the development of education, human rights, and peace. Visit: montessori-esf.org