AMI’s Bold Goal Project

AMI’s Bold Goal Project Launched to Increase Social Impact in U.S. Education

The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) launched a Bold Goal project in February 2016 to increase our social impact by tripling AMI’s presence in U.S. education within five years. Through this project, we will develop a strategy for achieving that goal. 

We are grateful for the time, enthusiasm and contributions of the more than 60 members of the Bold Goal Leadership Group, comprising training center and affiliate staff and board members, who launched this effort. Their ongoing support for regular communications with our constituents will help to ensure the Bold Goal work benefits from the community-wide knowledge and support it will need.

We also want to thank the 24 Leadership Group members who volunteered to staff the Bold Goal Work Groups for the next two years. They will coordinate with our project facilitator, Kate Hastings, as we develop our strategy around 1) Pathways into AMI, 2) The Moment of Training, and 3) Job Placement and Career Support. Brian Sense (Great Work, CO), Jamie Rue and Janet McDonnell (Loyola, MD), and David Ayer (Oregon Montessori Association), respectively, are the project managers who will work with teammates on the three Work Groups around which our Bold Goal project is organized. We expect more Work Groups will emerge as we identify additional areas of focus required for project success. We also expect the Work Groups will call for information, ideas and expertise from across the AMI community. In other words, there will be many ways to contribute to AMI’s Bold Goal. If you are interested in volunteering your time and energy to this work, please contact Jacquie Maughan at  

Jacquie is Communications Manager for the Bold Goal Steering Committee. The Steering Committee comprises Lynne Lawrence, Cherry Worthington, Judi Orion, Molly O’Shaughnessy, Jacquie Maughan and James Walton. The Steering Committee works with the facilitator, Kate Hastings, to design and manage the entire project and is accountable for delivering specific outcomes over the next two years.